a new start

By: jeanineguidry

Dec 29 2010

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Category: buildings, cities, nighttime, outdoors


Focal Length:34mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I did not reach my goal of posting a picture every day in 2010 – but I posted a good amount of pictures, and I love the process, so I am starting anew.

A few things I have learned:

  • not to get discouraged if I miss a day or a week – pick up and get going again. Otherwise I get out of the habit, and get more discouraged, and then I end up not posting for three months.
  • I got a two very interesting  photography books for Christmas: 50 Photo Projects, and Photo Idea Index. Both have thematic photography ideas – topics, backgrounds, approaches – and I am going to implement some of those, especially when I run out of inspiration (I have found photography is harder when I can’t go outside, or when I don’t have a change of scenery, or when I am really busy with work).
  • Some ideas: take pictures of all red things for  week, or yellow, or blue. Take pictures of daily objects against interesting backgrounds (and collect some of these backgrounds – interesting paper, fabrics, etc.)
  • Work with angles, and especially unusual angles, more. I love interesting angles!
  • Finally really learn how to use the manual mode on my Canon Rebel XS!
  • Learn how to use my new flash for the Rebel XS
  • ALWAYS carry my new Canon S95 with me (it’s small enough), and then carry the Rebel XS whenever I can
  • Learn to use the extra functions of the S95.
  • Occasionally allow myself to post great pics that weren’t taken on that particular day.

So here we go. I am attaching a picture of the Christmas tree in front of the Capitol in DC – I took it a few weeks ago, and it was our first time ever seeing it.


3 comments on “a new start”

  1. I am working on my day 228 photo and waiting for today’s batch of shots to open from raw into photoshop – I have missed days here and there and a close to 3 week stretch somewhere a few months back. I just add them to the end of it – at the rate I am going, I will be on this year for the next 2!

    • Going to your blog now! Do you always shoot in raw? I am such a newbie….. looking forward to learning a lot this year!

      • Yes, I always shoot in raw. My initial photo edits are taken care of in raw which doesn’t degrade the image and quite often it is the only edit I do other than a bit of an unsharp mask and a slight levels pop in Ps.

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