day 77: rescue dogs

By: jeanineguidry

Mar 17 2010

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For a change, a picture I did not take but one that I was very involved with: I helped rescue this sweet pregnant dog from certain death tomorrow morning: she was in a shelter in NC, and was just sitting in a corner, trembling, not wanting to let anyone touch her, and her time was up tomorrow morning.  Her name is Paula, by the way, and did I mention she is VERY PREGNANT? I called the shelter because I saw her picture on Facebook and they said she was unapproachable and to forget about it. I called a person I did not know but whose number I happened to have through rescue contacts and who lived an hour away – she jumped in her car, raced to the shelter, paid the rescue fee, and the animal control officers had to pretty much drag poor Paula out. Until she saw the car. Her ears perked up, and she hobbled to the car and hoisted herself into the crate as well as she could. She knew she was going to be ok now, as were her puppies.

Paula is at an emergency vet center in Fayetteville tonight, being taken care of and possibly having her pups (seven of them). Now we go about trying to raise the money for her care, and finding her a home (until then she has to be boarded). But the main thing is: she is safe. She is cared for. And she is NOT dying tomorrow morning.

The picture is from Facebook… so it’s smaller, but it speaks volumes of how scared she was. Anyone wants to help Paula, leave a comment!


One comment on “day 77: rescue dogs”

  1. I hope she doesn’t have her pups until sh geets here, that is an exprience I would love my kids to experience.

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