day 3: christmas tree

By: jeanineguidry

Jan 03 2010

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Category: daily pictures


Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

It’s cold out today (28 degrees Fahrenheit at 1 pm) so we’re using our (propane) fireplace lots. Combined with the Christmas tree it’s a picture of winter I love.

Picture taken with my Canon Rebel XS, using my external flash (which I am definitely still learning to use).


3 comments on “day 3: christmas tree”

  1. Nice shot Jeanine. Great idea to do a photo a day too! The more you shoot the more you learn! When you do an interior shot w/ your flash, also try pointing the flash straight up at the ceiling and see what that can do. It’s a great way to light a whole room!

  2. Thanks Gordon! I am going to try that next. To be honest, I have very little clue on how to use the external flash yet. Please keep the comments and suggestions coming!

    Happy new year to you and Kim!

  3. Go read the UK photo magazines at Barnes&Noble one of them is starting a series on off camera and on camera flash. You can tell they are UK they are thicker and have a barcode sticker on them. Take your notebook get some coffee cause they cost around 12.99 US.

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