day 1: christmas ornaments – and me

By: jeanineguidry

Jan 01 2010

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Category: daily pictures

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A good friend of mine posted an idea on Facebook earlier today that I loved: taking a picture every day of this new year. I decided to start this new blog to have a place to post the pictures – with an occasional comment, or caption. Some of them will be taken with my trusty Canon DSLR, some with my iPhone, some with the little point-and-shoot I keep in my purse for time when my iPhone won’t suffice and I don’t have the *big* camera with me.

So here it goes. The first picture. Christmas ornaments – and me. I love Christmas, and I hope to be taking lots of pictures this year – so this picture seemed appropriate.

Taken with my Canon Rebel XS, edited slightly in iPhoto (because I did not have time to mess with Photoshop today).


One comment on “day 1: christmas ornaments – and me”

  1. Love that you’re doing this! Lets keep each other motivated!

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